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    FTC Charges "Dura Lube" Misled The Public
    Those who have used or paid for "Dura Lube", a brand of motor oil additive, should take note: the FTC has charged its manufacturers and marketers with making false and unsubstantiated claims about what the product can do.

    Dura Lube claimed to be able to reduce engine wear by more than 50%, to prolong engine life, to reduce fuel emissions, and to improve gas mileage. FTC also claims that Dura Lube's claims of reducing engine wear and that "one treatment continues to protect the engine for up to 50,000 miles" are false.

    If you or someone close to you has spent money on this product, Monheit, Silverman & Fodera, P.C. stands ready to assist you. We help people who have been the victims of consumer fraud. If you wish to initiate a legal investigation into the possibility of getting a full refund getting the charge erased getting the manufacturer to change its practices, to change its misleading advertising or labeling, or to take a product off the market getting a company to give back profits it has realized due to fraud bringing the fraudulent business to justice we may be able to help you.


    This informational piece was prepared by Monheit, Silverman & Fodera. If you would like more information on this topic, call us at (800) 220-LAW1, or use the "Do I Have A Case?" button on this web site.

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