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Practice Groups
Through education, continuous training, and broad experience, the attorneys and staff at Monheit, Silverman & Fodera are organized into specialty Practice Groups. Each group is a team. Teamwork is the basis of the firm's day-to-day operations.

Medical Malpractice Practice Group
The highly selective Medical Malpractice Practice Group focuses on cases where medical diagnosis and treatment by a doctor, hospital, or other healthcare provider has fallen below the standard of appropriate medical care. The attorneys and staff in this Practice Group have demonstrated special competence in understanding multiple fields of medicine and consult with leading medical professionals across the country on an ongoing basis to ensure that the chances of successful case outcome are maximized.

Failure to Diagnose -- Failure to Properly Treat -- Surgical Errors -- Informed Consent -- Disabled Newborns -- Anesthesia Reactions -- Unnecessary Surgery -- HMO and Managed Care Negligence -- Nursing Home Misconduct

Healthcare Practice Group
The Healthcare Practice Group helps clients suffering from adverse outcomes from dangerous medical devices, drugs, and contaminated blood products. Constant monitoring of developments at the Food and Drug Administration helps to keep this Practice Group's approach fresh and current.

Dangerous Medical Devices -- Implanted Devices -- Prescription Drug Reactions -- Contaminated Blood Products -- Over-The-Counter Drug Reactions -- Dangerous Dietary Supplements -- Violations of FDA Regulations -- Violations of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

Transportation Practice Group
One of the longest-standing Practice Groups at the firm, the Transportation Practice Group has extensive experience in handling cases of injury from automobile accidents, whether due to the negligence of other drivers, common carriers, government traffic engineers, or of automobile manufacturers. Keeping abreast of almost daily changes in this area of the law both in the legislature and the courts is the key to this successful Practice Group.

Automobile and Truck Accidents -- Public Transportation Accidents -- Negligent Road and Highway Design -- First Party Insurance Benefits -- Tort Option Disputes -- Railroad Crossing Accidents

Toxic Injuries Practice Group
The Toxic Injuries Practice Group was formed in response to the growing number of clients complaining of lead-based paint poisoning in their children. Broadened in scope, this Practice Group is now equipped to handle the full panoply of toxic exposure cases. Facility with difficult epidemiological and other scientific evidence allows the attorneys in this Practice Group to evaluate and successfully prosecute complex toxic tort cases.

Lead-Based Paint Poisoning -- Heavy Metal Poisoning -- Organic Solvent Toxicity -- Latex Glove Allergy -- Radiation Exposure -- Chemical Exposure

Products Liability Practice Group
The focus of the Products Liability Practice Group are cases of unsafe products causing injury, whether in the workplace, at home, or during recreation. These attorneys are trained to identify and gather evidence of dangerous product design, defective product manufacture, and inadequate product warnings with the assistance of nationally-reknowned professional engineering experts, in the context of often-contentious litigation.

Unsafe Machinery and Equipment -- Defective Tools -- Unsafe Appliances -- Dangerous Toys -- Unguarded Nip Points -- Nail Guns -- Toddler Choking Hazards -- Vehicle Rollover and Ejectment -- Airbag Injuries -- ATVs -- Forklifts -- Ladder Accidents

Class Action and Multi-District Litigation Practice Group
Federal and state law permit similar claims to be combined into a powerful class action or into coordinated state or federal multi-jurisdictional litigation, which are the focus of this Practice Group. Such treatment of claims helps to maximize their effectiveness while minimizing the expenditure of costs and judicial resources. This Practice Group has achieved special recognition in the management of such litigation.

Mass Torts -- Consumer Fraud -- Consumer Protection -- Discrimination -- Document Depository Management

Civil Rights Practice Group
The attorneys in the Civil Rights Practice Group have gained expertise in difficult litigation arising under the federal civil rights statutes and the maze of judicial opinions construing 42 U.S.C. 1983 and the Eleventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which dictate when such cases can and cannot be brought. Broad experience with the specialized decisional law in this area keeps this Practice Group one step ahead.

Police Brutality -- Cruel and Unusual Punishment -- Foster Care -- Official Goverment Misconduct -- Constitutional Torts -- Housing Act Violations -- Americans With Disabilities Act Litigation -- Employer Discrimination

Premises Liability Practice Group
Another of the longest-standing Practice Groups at the firm, the Premises Liability Practice Group concentrates on litigation arising out of injuries suffered on public and private property, whether caused by a dangerous condition of the property or by failures of the owners or contractors to ensure the safety and security of patrons, visitors, or workers.

Construction Accidents -- Drownings -- Criminal Assaults on Public Property -- Defective Walkways -- Inadequate Security -- ATM Crimes -- Ice and Snow -- Dangerous Government-Owned Property -- Liquor Liability -- Sports Accidents -- Building Code Violations -- Scaffolding

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