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    Lead in Plates and Dishes:
    Are Your Children Eating Poison?

    On March 31, 1999 FDA announced the recall of certain plates and dishes that were found to contain high levels of leachable lead and cadmium, two heavy metals that are extremely toxic and can hurt both children and adults.

    The plates announced were 10-inch porcelain plates with distinctive jungle, leopard, and tiger skin designs. They were manufactured in Hong Kong by DIK Company and probably distributed nationwide by CBK, Ltd. in Union City, Tennessee.

    Lead in paints, glazes, and pottery can leach out onto food. If that food is eaten, lead poisoning can result. Lead poisoning is very dangerous, especially to children, and can cause learning disabilities, IQ loss, brain dysfunction, and in some cases even death.

    If you or someone close to you has suspicious plates and dishes, we may be able to help you. Contact us using the "Do I Have A Case" form.

    This informational piece was developed by the Law Offices of Monheit, Silverman & Fodera. If you wish to initiate a legal investigation into the possibility that your child was lead poisoned as a result of the wrongful conduct of another, please find an attorney with special expertise in Lead-Paint poisoning cases. Monheit, Silverman & Fodera is ready to assist you. Please call (800) 220-LAW1, or use the "Do I Have A Case?" button on this web site.

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