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$6 Million Dollar Jury Verdict (McCauley v. Edmunds, M.D., et al) - Medical Malpractice

Failure to promptly diagnose and treat post-operative heart attack in 32 year old woman. Plaintiff underwent surgery to remove a pseudoaneurysm that developed on her heart following surgery to repair a septal defect when she was 9 years old. When removing the pseudoaneurysm the defendant surgeon ligated Plaintiff's right coronary artery. This caused Plaintiff to suffer a heart attack. When a person suffers a heart attack, typically there is a six hour window of opportunity to reverse the damage to the heart if treated properly. Despite being told of Plaintiff's signs and symptoms of heart failure, defendant surgeon did nothing to treat the heart attack. When the defendant surgeon finally attempted to treat Plaintiff's heart attack it was too late. The damage to her heart was permanent. At the time of trial Plaintiff's heart failure progressed to the point where she was evaluated and monitored for a heart transplant.

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