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Trucking Accidents


Pennsylvania truck accidents cause catastrophic injury and kill thousands of people every year. An accident involving any large truck is more likely to cause death or catastrophic injury, especially when a smaller vehicle is involved. Like anyone else on the road, truck drivers and their employers have a duty to operate their vehicles in a safe and responsible manner. When truck drivers engage in unsafe driving practices, haul oversized loads, operate trucks with known maintenance problems, or drive while fatigued or otherwise in violation of state and/or federal regulations, they create potential dangers to themselves and other drivers. If any of these, or other, negligent practices results in any Philadelphia truck accidents or injuries, the case may be actionable. Additionally, if the accident occurred in or on a bus or alternative method of transport, the pursuit of further legal action is possible. Retaining the services of the best Pennsylvania bus accident lawyers in the state may be the only option you and your family may have of finding legal restitution.


To protect your rights following injury or death resulting from a trucking accident you should consult an experienced personal injury law firm. The best Pennsylvania truck accident lawyers in the state can be found in the law offices of Silverman & Fodera. We have the proven experience you need to help you successfully litigate your case in court. We work hard to provide you and your family the legal relief you will need to help you recover from a devastating situation.

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