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Every day people go to the emergency room for a variety of injuries and ailments. Doctors and nurses there are sometimes forced by circumstances to examine a high number of patients with a widely differing assortment of complaints and symptoms in an extremely short period of time.

Unfortunately, emergency rooms which are busy, understaffed, and under-equipped can lead to catastrophic injuries or even be a causal factor in the death of patients who are misdiagnosed and wrongly sent home. Additionally, patients who experience negligent delays in their care increase the likelihood of a serious permanent injury or worse. If certain key aspects of a patient's medica l history or presentation are overlooked, an emergency room error may result. As an experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer and medical malpractice litigator, some of the most common forms of emergency room errors include failure to diagnose a heart attack; failure to diagnose a torsion injury; and failure to diagnose appendicitis.

To protect your rights following injury or death resulting from Emergency Room negligence, you should consult the team of Pennsylvania medical negligence lawyers at Silverman & Fodera. We are experienced medical malpractice attorneys that can offer you options in pursuing legal relief from injuries incurred by you or your family member. Our team of Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorneys, personal injury litigators, and slip and fall legal advocates can put you on the right path to recovery from injuries sustained due to gross medical negligence.

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