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At the law firm of Silverman & Fodera, we feel it is vitally important for you to access the legal resources you need in order to successfully resolve your case in a court of law. Our team of Philadelphia car accident lawyers and medical malpractice attorneys have a broad range of experience in litigating cases of all sorts to successful conclusions. We work to afford you the most appropriate legal direction possible and have provided this handy online tool in order to direct your question to the proper practice group in our office. Practice groups at our firm specialize in matching each attorney's strengths to specific areas of law in order to achieve the results you need. Whether that means you need a Pennsylvania cerebral palsy attorney or a personal injury legal advocate, we have one of the most respected teams of legal professionals to help you win your case.

Please use this page to describe the details of your situation as clearly as possible. The appropriate Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyers, medical negligence attorneys or truck accident lawyers in our office will be advised in order to provide you with the answers you need as promptly as possible.


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