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If you believe that you have a case that requires special attention from an attorney belonging to the finest firms practicing today. A well-respected Philadelphia law firm with a proven history of integrity, resourcefulness and a track-record of very successful resolutions in complicated cases, we work to provide you with the respect, service and attention you deserve. When you need a Pennsylvania attorney you can trust, the choice is clear. The lawyers of Silverman & Fodera will help you successfully prosecute your case and provide you with the legal relief you and your family need to help you reconstitute your lives after devastating accident or injury.

Your preeminent team of Pennsylvania brain injury attorneys, personal injury lawyers, automobile accident litigators, and medical malpractice advocates can be reached at the following phone number and address:


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This informational piece was prepared by the attorneys at Silverman & Fodera. If you need a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer, medical malpractice litigator or automobile accident attorney, then we invite you to contact us as soon as possible. If you would like more information on this topic, please call us at (800) 220-LAW1, or use the "Do I Have A Case?" link found here on this web site.