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Automobile Accident


Automobile accidents can be a very serious matter and sometimes require the attention of the best Pennsylvania car accident lawyers in the state. In order for you to have an actionable automobile accident it must be proved that you were a victim of someone else's carelessness and that you suffered harm as a result. In other words, you did not cause the accident and you were hurt. If you are in an automobile accident you will need an experienced team of Philadelphia auto accident attorneys to protect your rights. At Silverman & Fodera, we bring years of experience to bear in being your advocate. We are Trial Lawyers who have the experience to maximize your recovery.

It is important that you contact one of the best Philadelphia car accident lawyers shortly after an automobile accident. The attorneys at Silverman & Fodera work for you. We make it a point to look out for your best interests. Large, well-financed insurance companies will definitely have high-priced lawyers in court to protect their interests. Shouldn't you?

This informational piece was prepared by the Pennsylvania auto accident attorneys at Silverman & Fodera. If you would like to speak with one of our team of proven Philadelphia car accident lawyers then please call us at (800) 220-LAW1, or use the "Do I Have A Case?" link found here on this web site.