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In our experience, SUV rollover accidents can have a particularly overwhelming effect on families. Because our firm is home to some of the best Pennsylvania auto accident attorneys in the state, we see firsthand the devastation that can be wrought when an SUV rollover occurs. Drivers and passengers injured in SUV rollover accidents, or families of loved ones who died, may be eligible to file lawsuits against other drivers at fault or against the manufacturer of their vehicle if the accident was due to a safety defect. Though rollovers are relatively rare events, they are particularly deadly when they do occur, and account for more than 10,000 deaths and more than 25,000 injuries per year.


Unfortunately, rollovers tend to occur in SUVs and similar vehicles when a driver makes a quick steering movement, usually to avoid something on the road, or make some other emergency type of maneuver. Vehicles such as SUVs show a tendency to tip over because of their high center of gravity. The high fatality and injury rates are due, in part, to the high percentage of rollover crashes in which passengers are ejected from their vehicles. In addition, roof pillars are not typically strong enough to prevent collapse, resulting in more significant injuries than would sometimes be otherwise present including brain damage, spinal cords injuries and death, even for properly belted-in passengers.


To protect your rights following injury or death resulting from a rollover accident you should consult an experienced personal injury law firm. The best Pennsylvania car accident lawyers in the state can provide you with the legal resources and expertise you will need to pursue a case that has devastated your family.

This informational piece was prepared by the Philadelphia auto accident attorneys at the law firm of Silverman & Fodera. We completely understand and respect the particularly painful circumstances that can compel you to pursue legal relief in such a difficult situation. If we can provide you with any more information on this topic, please call us at (800) 220-LAW1, or use the "Do I Have A Case?" link found here on this web site. As the best Philadelphia car accident lawyers in the city, we understand exactly the legal remedies you and your family will need to begin the long painful process and rebuild your lives.