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Pennsylvania Law Firm - About Our Firm

At the leading Pennsylvania law firm of Silverman & Fodera, we put our clients first. Our greatest asset is our unmatched ability to treat each client as an individual. Each client has unique needs, and our success as a firm depends upon understanding those needs in order to achieve a successful resolution of the exceptional legal problems faced by each client. The first thing any Philadelphia attorney aspiring to reach our ranks learns is that our absolute top priority is complete client satisfaction. Our clients are the key. Without clients, there is no Silverman & Fodera.


We generally represent our clients on a contingent fee basis. Under this arrangement, there is no fee, unless and until there is a recovery. IF WE RECOVER NOTHING, THEN THERE ARE NO FEES AND NO COSTS. We generally advance all costs, and do not expect repayment unless and until there is a recovery. We offer FREE initial consultations. The contingent fee is based upon a pre-agreed percentage of the recovery depending on the complexity and risks involved in a case.

What We Believe

We believe that all clients need to be treated with respect.
We believe in the importance of communication.
We believe in the confidentiality of client information.
We believe that we are here to serve our clients.
We believe in trust.
We believe that the client is more important than the attorney.
We believe in client-attorney teamwork.


This informational piece was prepared by your team of Pennsylvania wrongful death attorneys, medical malpractice lawyers and personal injury litigators at the law firm of Silverman & Fodera. If you would like more information on this topic, call us at (800) 220-LAW1, or use the "Do I Have A Case?" link found here on this web site.