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Our law firm's attorneys consistently rank among the best Philadelphia personal injury lawyers.

If you need a serious Philadelphia personal injury lawyer to fight for you after suffering an injury Silverman & Fodera is the law firm to call. 1-800-220-5291


When you need to file a lawsuit or take someone to court the experienced trial lawyers of Silverman & Fodera are here to help.

Our winning record in the court room lets defendants know we are serious about pursuing your legal rights.

Medical Malpractice

Nothing can be more devastating then medical care gone wrong. In the U.S. alone there are an estimated 225,000 deaths annually from medical errors

If you need a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer we can help. Call 1-800-220-5291

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer or Medical Malpractice Lawyer at Silverman and Fodera
Philadelphia Personal Injury Law firm

A Personal Injury Lawyer from Silverman and Fodera Will Stand Up for Your Rights

Serious injury causes many problems from physical and mental suffering to loss of work and revenue that can even lead to personal bankruptcy. It can ruin the victim’s life. The personal injury lawyers at Silverman and Fodera are here to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

  • Over $200 million for Fen-Phen related injuries.
  • $1.3 million for a client injured by lead-based paint.
  • Numerous other multi-million dollar verdicts and members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Medical malpractice lawyer and Partner Leonard Fodera is a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer

Silverman & Fodera has been granted an AV ® rating by Martindale-Hubble , the respected peer-review network, which indicates the pre-eminent legal ability and high ethical standards of the law firm’s lawyers. Read more about our firm »

When you need a personal injury lawyer you can trust, the choice is clear:

The lawyers of Silverman & Fodera will help you successfully prosecute your case and provide you with the legal relief you and your family need to help you reconstitute your lives after devastating accident or injury.  Below are some links to videos by Philadelphia personal injury lawyer Louis Silverman:

Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Blog:

Injury Lawyer, Philadelphia Blog

Car Accident Claims: Accidents SUV / Rollover

In our experience, SUV rollover accidents can have a particularly overwhelming effect on families. Because our firm is home to some of the best Pennsylvania auto accident attorneys in the state, we see firsthand the devastation that can be wrought when an SUV rollover occurs. Drivers and passengers injured in SUV rollover accidents, or families [...]

Latex Protein Toxic Syndrome

Latex Protein Toxic Syndrome
The Newest Toxic Exposure

This article first appeared in the Legal Intelligencer.

Latex has long been the material of choice for protective gloves in health care settings, providing the wearer with flexibility, a barrier against exposure to infectious agents, and durability.

Unfortunately, for a substantial number of health care workers and other regular wearers of [...]

Poisoning From Lead-Paint

Poisoning From Lead-Paint
What Does it Take To Win the Case?

Childhood Lead-Paint poisoning is a hidden epidemic in this country. Statistics show that roughly 54 percent of poor black children, and 12 percent of affluent, middle class white kids living in urban areas, annually ingest enough lead to cause a substantial drop in IQ. With [...]

Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming Pool Accidents
Dangerous Swimming Pool

An all-to-common tragedy faced by the water -safety community each year involves a child, a guest, or a friend who drowns while swimming in the presence of others who are swimming in the same pool. The general public, untrained in the investigation and causation of water safety deaths, justifiably can wonder [...]

Defective Products

Defective Products
Litigation Over Dangerous Products

Ford Motor Company no longer produces a car that explodes and bursts into a ball of flames when struck from behind. Work places have fewer guard-less punch presses and other machines capable of maiming and disfiguring. Life-threatening birth control and other medical devices have been removed from the market and the [...]

If you need a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer call our firm toll free at 1-800-LAW1 or fill out our free personal injury case analysis form.


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